BMSS Member:

Become a Member

If you are in a position to fulfill the following requirements and procedure (Press Declaration, Trade License, VAT & e-TIN etc) to run the printing industry in accordance with the existing rules and regulations of the government then you may apply for membership in a prescribed form to become a proud member of BMSS. Required documents are as follows:

1. Attested Copy of Press Declaration
2. Attested Copy of Updated Trade License
3. Attested Copy of e-TIN Certificate
4. Attested Copy of VAT Registration
5. Statement of Machineries duly signed by the Proprietor
6. Passport Size Photographs (2 Copies)
7. Visiting Card in English
8. In case Joint/Partnership Business Attested Copy of the Agreement & Memorandum of Articles, Resolution etc.

BMSS is concerned to organize and promote a better co-operation and a greater uniformity among the members for the development of printing sector at home and abroad.

So, by joining or becoming a proud member of BMSS any printing industry in Bangladesh may have the opportunity to share and enjoy all the facilities and the advantages of BMSS.

Download Form

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Renewal System

BMSS membership is yearly renewable, which is mandatory as per Memorandum of Association of BMSS. Every year all the printers (members) have to renew their membership with up-dated Trade license, VAT, e-TIN etc (as stated above) along with the fixed membership fees as decided time to time by BMSS.

Chairmen and General Secretaries holding the Charge of BMSS

List of Chairman's of BMSS

Alhaj Kazi Mosharof Hossain 1984 to 1997
Administrator Md, Shafiul Alam (ADM, Dhaka) ........( In charge) 1997 to 1999
Md. Rabbani Jabbar 1999 to 2009
Administrator Md, Masud Karim (ADC, Dhaka) ..........(In Charge) 2009 to 2010
Syedur Rahman (Shahid Serneabat) 2010 to 2016
Tofayal Khan 2016 to 2018
Syedur Rahman (Shahid Serneabat) 2018 to till date

List of General Secretary's of BMSS

Md. Habibur Rahaman 1984 to 1986
Md. Akmol Ahamed 1986 to 1996
Md. Halal Uddin Vuyauan (In Charge) 1996 to 1997
Administrator Md, Shafiul Alam (ADM, Dhaka) ..........(In Charge) 1997 to 1999
Alhaj Kazi Abdul Wadud 1999 to 2009
Administrator Md, Masud Karim (ADC, Dhaka) ..........(In Charge) 2009 to 2010
A F M Shah Alam 2010 to 2014
Zulkor Shahin 2014 to 2016
Mohammad Zahurul Islam 2016 to till date

City Heart Complex, 67 Naya Paltan, 4th Floor, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

Phone: 9351728, 8321023 Email: